I design innovative learning solutions that solve problems. 

My Professional Background

I embarked on my journey in instructional design driven by a passion for crafting impactful learning experiences. Over the span of eight years, my career has been a tapestry of diverse roles and accomplishments, each contributing to my evolution as a seasoned instructional designer. 

What I Like About Instructional Design

I get to leverage my strengths while tapping into my creative problem-solving skills. Collaborating within a team setting is where I thrive—I genuinely enjoy it. Keeping up with the latest in technology is a challenge I eagerly embrace; I'm always excited to learn new tips and tricks along the way, and share them with my colleagues. 

My Education Background

Commencing my journey at IDOL Courses Academy in June 2022, this platform has provided me with a significant opportunity to further refine and apply my instructional design skills within corporate environments. I've earned various badges and certifications through IDOL and continue to learn and grow with their curriculum.

In 2019, my academic pursuit culminated in a Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from National Louis University. This academic milestone equipped me with the expertise to tailor curricula effectively to address the diverse needs of learners.

Rooted in a solid foundation, my Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education was earned from Florida Gulf Coast University. This phase of my education was marked by recognition as the recipient of the Undergraduate Student of the Year award in 2014.

A Few Things About Me

I'm a native Floridian who loves to travel! Immersing myself in diverse cultures and settings truly invigorates me. My adventures have taken me across the globe, from England and Ireland to Japan and Switzerland, with Italy, France, Iceland, Thailand, Curacao, Aruba, and Canada marking my travel milestones (in that order!). For me, life's essence lies in the journey itself—a quest filled with thrilling experiences that outweigh material possessions.