I design innovative learning solutions that solve problems.

My Professional Background

In the last seven years, I've helped learners of all ages. I enjoy creating learner-centered tools that help to solve problems and educate. I've used various instructional design techniques. I've designed curriculum, coordinated group events, managed large groups, developed subject matter expertise, and created infographics.

What I Like About Instructional Design

The instructional design field allows me to utilize my professional strengths while combining many of my creative passions to solve problems. I enjoy working and collaborating with a team. I strive to empower others through learning while helping them unlock their full potential.

My Education

I began IDOL Courses Academy in June of 2022. The Academy allowed me to further develop my instructional design skills and apply them to the corporate setting.

I earned my Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction from National Louis University in 2019. I learned how to differentiate curricula to meet the needs of all learners.

I have my Bachleor's Degree in Elementary Education from Florida Gulf Coast University, where I was awarded Undergraduate Student of the Year in 2014.

A Few Things About Me

I'm a native Floridian who loves to travel! I thrive when emersed in diverse settings and cultures. My list of international travel includes England, Ireland, Scotland, Japan, Switzerland, Italy, France, Japan, Iceland, Thailand, Curacao, Aruba, and Canada. (In that order!) Life is a journey that should be full of adventure. Experiences over things.

You have BRAINS in your HEAD. You have FEET in your SHOES. You can STEER YOURSELF in any direction you choose!

-Dr. Suess